This is how we hide in plain sight

Be here and disappear at the same time

I want ice. I need to put it where it burns. I need to hear the coldest words, just say you’re sorry. I won’t take it neat. The strongest liquor won’t help me to forget you threw away our ashes, you’ve buried’em.


You can take what’s left of me, all you’re gonna get is a broken heart.


Come on, help me. Put your hands around my throat, don’t mind the dirt under your nails. Can you feel it? Isn’t it warm?


Fire spreads to my lungs. Put it out now, don’t speak in tongues. It’s your fucking choice.

There ain’t no curse on me, I think it’s just bad luck. Nightmares won’t let me be, I’m trapped, I’m feeling stuck. Well, I’m afraid of ghosts. I’ve seen watery eyes. And what scares me the most is their blackened haunted smiles.


Come closer, come closer to me and I’ll show you something cold, something real.


And when I’m on my own but I feel that someone’s there, I lay down on the ground, they fix me with a stare. There ain’t no curse on me, my pale friends watch my back and each time I pray I hear them in the dark.


On both sides of the mirror, shadows come to life. Oh, nothing’s getting clearer, a pale hand a knife.

I should have seen it coming slipping through the cracks. Cold & sharpened daggers proudly shining in my back. Lies tasted so different growing on my tongue. Your blurry blue eyes are distant. When did it all go wrong ?


My heart is weak and her hands are cold. She was the first to speak, that’s how she stole my soul.


I keep wondering how to tear down all the walls. Dust would never settle, we’d get lost in the fog. We’ve started a fire, now we’re choking on smoke. Flames are rising higher, but the door won’t get unlocked.

Wave upon wave it keeps going on. Day in day out, like father like son. Day by day, time’s running out, and i sing, and I shout « Oh don’t you let me down ».


It’s like a race against the clock, it’s like smashing dead wood against rocks. Time’s one hell of a storm we can’t weather.


Down the road, time marches on. Merry go round, I know where i’m bound. When my days are over, I don’t wanna hear you say: « Long time no see! brother did you miss me? ».


And I let the wind blow through my soul.


It’s like a race against the clock, it’s like smashing dead wood against rocks. Time’s one hell of a storm we can’t weather. It’s like a race against the clock, it’s like big waves crashing against rocks. Time’s one hell of a storm we can’t weather.

I want roots and splinters through my bones: bury me under that tree at the top of the hill. Then stack some stones on the top of my grave. Bury me under the black willow tree.


Here I am my love, standing before the endless. I’ll be right here, right there when you look away.


I want muddy waters through my veins. Please, save up all your tears for the next hot summer days. There are times for mourning but once you’ve laid my body down, come visit me under the black willow tree.


Tell them to cut the boards, to build me a new home.

Spill some blood to wash the sins away from the body. By the river, down by the river. To purify. To pay for the sins of the father. Oh denial, oh sweet denial. I’d give my eyeteeth to get free from desire. Oh delusion, madness in motion. Hidden treasures, misery and fate, coming from the heart, straight to acetate. Why do I feel unforgiven? By the river, down by the river, wade in black water children.

Lotta booze and smokes, hazy late night thougths, to put out the fire in my soul like I’d throw a butt into the ashtray. Name the game, it’s a shame. Lazy evenings drought. I drink up my whiskey and leave like I knew it was pointless to resist.


Lotta wrongs and rights, lotta do’s and don’ts, lotta to and fros, lotta drinks and don’ts. Blue devils on my mind, troubles all the time.

Try to cry: there ain’t nothing left of your tears but salt and memories, just salt and anger. Until sunrise, we’ll keep our teeth tight against our lips, bury sadness in our flesh, deeper than our deepest wounds.


We’ll feel like feathers at the edge of a wildfire.


Oh, don’t talk, she’d rush at our throats. Oh, she knows, she knows the shapes of our souls.

The sun comes up, the sun goes down, rain keeps falling but lakes run dry. Earth is dust, land and sea, rocks might burst just like you and me.


I wash my hands with clay to draw out the dirt, the water takes it away.


Life goes on, takes its toll, steals my bodys, sets free my soul. We play safe, we remain, we have faith movin’ mountains.

Am I looking at the sun or dreaming of the moon? A brand new day has begun, dawn is coming soon. My old sins ain’t no crimes but I can’t bear their weight. Some say « If you fall seven times, you gotta stand up eight ».


I’ve been wandering in the middle of the night. Now I’m on my own, waitin for the light.


Meet me at the station, the train is coming round the bend. My time is winding up. I’m done being at loose end. After all, I’ve done my best, I enjoyed playing my part. Age dug a hole in my chest, tearing out my heart.


C’est mon âme, ce vent froid qui te caresse.